Individual Grief Counseling for Adults and Teens - Catherine Cwiakala, LMSW and our St. Mary’s Priests, Fr. Joe, Fr. Pat, and Fr. Adolf and Deacons provide individual grief counseling for adults and teens.  


Adult Grief Support Groups - There are adult grief support groups for adults at Blessed Kateri , St. Martin DePorres, and St. Columba Parishes. Please contact these parishes for more information.


Abbey Press CareNotes – There are Abbey Press CareNotes covering all Bereavement Topics for all ages, on the Parenting Ministry table in the back of St. Mary’s Church.


St. Mary’s Grief Library - There is a large selection of bereavement books and CDs in the St. Mary’s Grief Library, at St. Mary’s Office.


Rainbows for All of God’s Children  - A support group for children who are experiencing parental separation for various reasons and/or divorce Click here for flyer


Prism ** - A support/education program for separated for a multiple of reasons and/or divorced parents.  Step-parents are welcome - Click here for flyer


** For more information about Rainbows and Prism, contact Rainbows Headquarters

800-266-3206 or 847-952-1770, www: or email:


Grief Play Therapy for Children - Catherine Cwiakala, LMSW provides grief play therapy for children.



For Further Information:

Please contact Catherine Cwiakala, LMSW, Grief Counselor, or Fr. Joe, Fr. Pat, or Fr. Adolf, at

St. Mary, Mother of the Church Parish, Box 780   103 Jackson Street, Fishkill, NY 12524,

at 896-6400.