1.         AGENDA

a.      The agenda for each Parish Council meeting will be mailed to each Council member on or about one (1) week prior to the meeting.

b.     Each Parish Council meeting will begin and end with a prayer.

c.      A motion to approve the minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting shall be made at the beginning of each meeting.

2.         PROCEDURAL

a.      A quorum, consisting of a simple majority of the members-at-large shall be necessary for formal discussions and voting.

b.     A Parish Council meeting will normally be limited to ninety (90) minutes in length.  Extensions are granted by a majority vote of the members present.

c.      The Secretary shall take attendance at all Parish Council meetings.  Upon three (3) absences from regular meetings during one Council year, unexcused by the President, a member shall be considered to have resigned from the Council, making his/her seat vacant and to be filled as set down by Article II, Section 4, of these By-Laws.

d.     Procedural motions shall be passed by a simple majority, while those requiring the action of the Council shall be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those members present.

e.      At the last meeting of the council year, the President, or a previously elected officer shall ask for nominations for each office. The nomination and election for president shall precede the nomination and election for first vice-president, and so on.  Election for each office should be by separate written ballot, and a simple majority is required for election.



As stated in the Constitution, the election of the members-at-large shall take place once each year in a manner to be determined by the Pastor in conjunction with the Parish Council.  The three manners that can be used to determine these Parish Council selections, according to the Archdiocesan Parish Council Guide are:

1.     Election

2.     Choosing by Lot

3.     Appointment

    1. In March, a Nomination Committee, chaired by the First Vice-President and consisting of two (2) additional members elected by the Council should prepare a list of nominees, each of whom has consented to serve if elected.


    1. Any parishioner who submits a petition signed by fifteen (15) registered parishioners shall automatically become a nominee.


    1. Church bulletins for April shall include notification that petitions for nominees are being accepted for Parish Council openings.


    1. All nominees should submit a brief biographical sketch to the Pastor prior to elections.


    1. A list of all nominees, along with a short biographical sketch, should appear in the Church bulletin for the first Sunday of May.


    1. An Election Committee of five (5) Council members, who are not candidates for re-election, should be formed prior to the election.  The purpose of this committee shall be to conduct the election, count ballots and inform nominees of the results of the election.


    1. The election should occur on the Saturday and Sunday preceding the May Council meeting.


    1. A ballot, including the names and photographs of all nominees and a space for write-in votes, should be available to all registered parishioners eighteen (18) and older after all Saturday and Sunday Masses.  An announcement should be made at all Masses that only parishioners eighteen (18) and older should vote.


    1. During May the Parish bulletin should include notification that an election is to take place, nominees’ resumes may be picked up at the rear of the church and that absentee ballots are available at the rectory.


    1. The selection should occur at a Mass on the Sunday preceding the May Council meeting.


    1. The name of each nominee will be written on a piece of paper which will then be folded so as to ensure the name is not visible during the selection process.


    1. The Pastor will withdraw names to fill the five vacancies on the Parish Council.   As well, he will withdraw two additional names of individuals to serve as first- and second-alternates.



The Pastor will appoint individuals to fill the five vacancies on the Parish Council as well as two individuals to serve as first- and second-alternates.

    1. If possible, all nominees should be notified of the election results on the night of the election.


    1. The results of the election shall be included in the next available Parish bulletin.


    1. Upon request, any parishioner shall be given the actual vote count of an election.


    1. All newly elected Council members will attend an informal instruction-orientation session devised under the direction of the  Parish Council Officers.  Sufficient notification of the time of the session(s) should be given and an effort made to accommodate the schedules of the new members.



Any vacancy which occurs among the members-at-large shall be filled by nomination and vote of the Council, giving due consideration to those who ran but were not elected in the most recent selection process.  Such new members will serve for the length of the un-expired term.


    1. The four (4) standing committees of the Council mandated by the Constitution shall consist of at least three (3) members.  At the last meeting of the Council year, members shall volunteer for a standing committee. The Council officers shall resolve any conflicts or failure to meet the necessary three (3)  member requirement.


    1. Each committee shall, at its first meeting of the Council year, elect a Co-Chairperson.  It is not necessary for the Co-Chairperson to be an elected Council member. The Chairperson shall be responsible for calling committee meetings (a minimum of two (2) per Council year), initiating liaison with Parish clerical and lay staff, Parish organization and parishioners.  He/she shall be responsible for preparing resolutions to be presented to the full Council, preparing the committee’s monthly and annual reports and for any other duties that may be required or directed by the President.  The Chairperson may delegate these or portions thereof to other members of the committee but shall retain full responsibility for their fulfillment.


    1. Any standing committee meeting requires the presence of at least two (2) committee members.


    1. The Christian Service and Community Life Committee is concerned with social evangelization, hospitality, and furthering Parish involvement in the Christian community.  It should seek ways in which the Parish can engage in a wider social ministry.  Organizations such as the CYO, Care Givers, and Right to Life represent groups that this committee interfaces with.


    1. The Spiritual Development Committee serves to assist those individuals and groups in the Parish whose purpose is the furthering of the worship and prayer life of the Parish.  This Committee acts as a liaison between these individuals and groups and the Council.  Such groups and individuals include Eucharistic Ministers, cantors, music groups and lectors.


    1. The Education Committee provides a liaison between the Council and such groups as those involved with the Religious Education Program, the grade school program, and programs of education and catechesis that are run on an occasional basis.  This committee should assist, where possible, in the broader aspects of these programs and seek to improve all aspects of education and catechesis in the Parish.


    1. The Administration Committee is involved in all aspects of the Parish administration, including budget, building and grounds maintenance, communication and any other duties that may be assigned to it by the President.



All Parish Council members shall be required to be a member of and take an active part in the workings of at least one committee.